The Claire Collection

The Claire Collection Specialises in pewter tableware and flatware, crafted in South Africa. Our serving pieces are hand made to provide you with the perfect table setting.
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Pewter - The Perfect Choice

Pewter is the fourth most precious metal after platinum, gold and silver. Modern pewter alloys are composed of tin, with small amounts of copper and antimony. Modern pewter contains no lead and is safe to use with food. It is both practical and decorative, which accounts for its universal appeal.
Pewter does not tarnish the way silver and copper tarnish. Like all metals, pewter does oxidize when exposed to air but, unlike other metals, pewter oxidizes very slowly and evenly. This means your pewter gradually develops the soft warm patina that adds so much lasting charm.

The Claire Collection is made from a new pewter formulation; silver is substituted for the copper to produce a metal with a beautiful silvery-white color that oxidizes slower than regular pewter, withstands accidental washes in the dishwasher and buffs easily with a silver cloth.
Designs are hand made in clay or wood, molds are made of the designs and the liquid metal is cast in the individual molds. Each piece is then painstakingly finished and polished by hand to bring out the lustrous shine.
This collection of fine lead-free pewter and stainless steel flatware will enhance any table setting.
Pieces are individually hand crafted in South Africa and any slight irregularities add to their unique charm.